• 2021
    • 08 Planning and conducting Earth Session "Earth, Together" at JeongSeon Forum 2021
    • 07 At the extraordinary general meeting, decision to change into a joint representative system of nine people, including standing chairperson Wang-Bae Kim.
      Launched the Culture and Arts Platform 'Earth Eye'
    • 06 Signing of MOU with Gyeonggi Research Institute
      'Earth Jurisprudence for the Ecozoic Era', Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series (four sessions)
    • 04 Earth Day commemoration, hosted the film event "Silence for the Earth"
      Production of the short film "EARTH EYE"
    • 03 Signing of MOU with the National Maritime Museum
      Artist Collaboration Program (2021)
      Co-hosted with the Seoul Institute, the Climate Change Colloquium 2021 "The Third Session: Energy Transformation Pathways towards Climate Neutrality"
    • 02 Co-hosted with the Seoul Institute, the Climate Change Colloquium 2021 "The Second Session: (Cascading Interactions between Climate and Social Tipping Elements in the Anthropocene Earth system: Risks and Opportunities".
      Planning and conducting sessions for the Pyeongchang Peace Forum, "New Climate Peace Regime and the Rights of DMZ"
    • 01 Co-hosted with the Seoul Institute, the Climate Change Colloquium 2021
      "The First Session: Strategies for Exploring the Anthropocene"
  • 2020
    • 12 Co-hosted the 2020 PLZ Forum for Ecozoic Era "Development, Environment and Peace Nexus in Borderlands" with UNRISD (United Nations Institute for Social Development), planning and conducting the entire sessions
    • 11 Participating in Academic Seminar "New Approach and Vision of Natural Art" at the 2020 Geumgang Nature Art Biennale
      Participating in 2020 Geneva Peace Week, and producing the movie "Social Ecological and Ecological Cutlery in Border"
    • 10-11 Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series (four sessions)
    • 10 Hosted the 5th anniversary conference of 2020 People for Earth, "Without Life, Where is the Future?"
    • 08 JeongSeon Forum 2020, <Opening Performance, ‘Inter-Connection and Harmony’>, <Plenary Session, ‘The Future of Earth and Humanity after Global Pandemic’>, <Earth Session, ‘Harmony with Nature’≫ lead by People for Earth
    • 07 Publication ‘Jurisprudence for the Earth’ by Center of Earth Jurisprudence
    • 06-11 Artist Collaboration Program, ‘Story of 7 Artists with <Journey of the Universe> by Thomas Berry’
    • 06 7th Yujae Special : Sang-il Kim, Choe Je-U (Su-un) and Whitehead
    • 05 Eco-Culture Lecture Series : Kong, Byung Hye, “Hannah Arendt , Philosophy of Natality and Politics of Life”
      Eco-Travel with Woo-Seok Kong, ‘Daegwallyeong Pine Tree’
  • 2019
    • 12 Book Launch Seminar, Korean translation version of ‘‘The Ecology of Law : Toward a legal system in tune with nature and community (2015)’ written by Fritjof Capra and Ugo Mattei’, Published by Kyung Hee University Press
      New Year’s Eve Party, ‘Sharing the Earth Time’ with Acoustic Performance, Poetry Reading, and Gayageum Performance
    • 11 5th Yujae Special, Professor Shinichi Tsuji, ‘Slow-Life, Slow Philosophy and the Way of Coexistence for Ecological Life’
    • 10 4th JIIAF (Jirisan International Environmental Art Festa), ‘RE:Covering, Breathing, Resting’, Sponsored by People for Earth
      Performance, Lunar Boy (Play) <Story of Moonshine>, Sponsored by People for Earth
    • 09 PLZ Forum Pre-Session, Dialog for Earth Justice
      PLZ (Peace & Life Zone) Forum 2019, ‘The Rights of Nature and Ecological Transformation’ at Chuncheon KT&G DMZ Eco-trekking and Chilsung Observatory
      2019 PLZ Festival, Music Concert at DMZ Peace Life Hill and Park Soo Keun Museum
    • 08 Small Questions Project with Sibagyun <Puzzle for Poet>, Sponsored by People for Earth
    • 07 Academic Society on Climate and Culture - Special Lecture : ‘Path toward Forest’ by Yumi Lee, Korea Forest Service
    • 06 Fourth Yujae Special Lecture given by director Chang-dong Lee discussing his movie “Burning” (2018)
      Third Yujae Special Lecture (co-hosted with the Kyunghee University Global Academy for Future Civilizations and Thomas Berry Association of Korea) given by Dr. Dennis Patrick O'Hara with the title of “Thomas Berry and Laudato Si”
    • 05 Hosted the Ecology Forum as part of the Yeonsu Book Festival 2019 in Songdo, Incheon
      Launched the Yujae Salon Project facilitated by Jung Kang (poet, eight lectures until December)
      Started the second Poetry Appreciation Program as part of Eco-culture Lecture Series 2019 with two poets, Eun Cho and Hye-gyeong Hwang (ten lectures by each poet until December)
    • 04 Joined Lush Korea Charity Pot Campaign “Happy Earth Day to You!” event to commemorate Mother Earth Day
      Started the Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series 2019 “A-Z Everything about Earth Jurisprudence” (4 lectures until the month of May)
      Co-hosted the Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum with Sun Probono Center
      Eco-excursion to Namwon organized by the People for Earth Academic Society on Climate and Culture
    • 03 The Fourth Thomas Berry Lecture Series (eight lectures until November) under the theme of “Universe Story and the Great Work”
      Co-hosted ceremony for launch of the photography book “Mut-da” by Sun-hee Moon
    • 02 The Second YUJAE SPECIAL ‘Buen Vivir (Good Living)’ by Dr. Armando Antonio De Negri Filho
      Co-hosted ‘Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum’ with Probono Center Sun hosted by Youth Climate Change Litigation Support Group
      The First YUJAE SPECIAL ‘Education in Journey of the Universe’ by Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker
    • 01 Moved into a new office in Samcheong-dong
  • 2018
    • 12 People for Earth year-end party under the theme of “Poetry, Music, and Togetherness”
    • 11 Co-hosted Seoul Gourmet 2018 “Feeding the Planet”
    • 07 Co-hosted “The Live Burial of Animals Seminar” with four members of the National Assembly, the Dongcheon Foundation, Sun Pro Bono Center, and the Hwa-woo Foundation
    • 05-12 Eco-culture Lecture Series (ten lectures by Jeong Kang, Eun Cho, and Hyekyung Hwang)
    • 04 Earth Day commemoration at Songam Space Center
    • 03-12 Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series (four sessions)
    • 03-11 The Thomas Berry Lecture Series (eight lectures by Young-sun Maeng) under the theme of “Universe Story”
    • 03-10 Participated in “Environmental Constitution Forum 2018” hosted by Korea Environment Institute (KEI)
    • 03 Established Academic Society on Climate and Culture
      Annual general meeting
  • 2017
    • 11 Hosted the annual conference “The Living World and the Ecological Perspective”
      Participated in a conference organized by Eco-civ in Claremont, California under the theme of “Green Transition toward Ecological Civilization: A Korea-US Dialogue”
    • 09 Hosted the social event “Auction Day”
    • 08-01.2018 The Thomas Berry Lecture Series (eight lectures by Young-sun Maeng) under the theme of “World View and Ecology”
    • 04 Co-hosted an event commemorating Earth Day with the Korea Forest Service and Hwankyeong-ilbo (Korea Environment Daily) under the theme of “Toward a Sustainable Future in Harmony with Nature”
    • 03-12 Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series (four sessions)
    • 03 Participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Citizen’s Institute for Environmental Studies and Environmental Law Center under the theme of “How will the Constitution Include the Environment?”
    • 02 Annual general meeting
      Established the Animal Law Studies Group under the Academic Society on Earth Jurisprudence
      Established the Eco-culture Society
  • 2016
    • 04-06 Participates in “Harmony with Nature” Virtual Dialogue by UN
      The First Thomas Berry Lecture Series
      (Four lectures in the series, held every second week)
    • 05 Begins Culture of Life Lecture Series
    • 04 Publishing ceremony with panel discussions for Korean translation of
      “Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice” by Cormac Cullinan
      Listed as an Earth jurisprudence organization on Gaia Foundation (UK) website
    • 02 Visit to UK for meetings with UKELA and other climate change, ecological education and Earth jurisprudence organizations
    • 01 The First General Meeting
      Begins “Thomas Berry Legacy Lecture Series”
  • 2015
    • 11 Founding Conference: “For the Earth in Silence”
    • 10 Founding General Meeting
    • 09 “Climate Change Law Center” established
    • 06 Integration of “People For Earth Forum” and “Culture of Life Forum”
      The First Workshop
    • 04 Begins Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series (accredited by the Korean Bar Association)
    • 03 Reading Club of “Culture of Life Forum” joins to form “Academic Society on Visions of Ecozoic Era”
    • 01 “People For Earth Forum” is formed with sponsorship from Pro Bono Law Center
      of One Law Partners
      Begins Academic Society on Earth Jurisprudence Seminar
  • 2013 - 2014
    • “Culture of Life Forum” holds monthly lecture series (on the theme of life), youth programs, and women lawyer reading club
  • 2012
    • Thomas Berry Study Group formed under the guidance of Catholic Priest Jaidon Lee
      (Doctor of Theology)