People For Earth

  • Kang, Kumsil Chairperson of the Board
    The 55th Minister of Justice of Korea
    CEO of One Law Partners
  • Kim, Dukhyun Member of the Board
    Attorney at law, Law firm Jinsung
  • Yang, Jiyong Member of the Board
  • Park, Sun Hee Auditor
    Attorney at law, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC
  • Kim, Wang-Bae Director of Academic Society
    Professor, Department of Sociology, Yonsei University
  • Ahn, Byongjin Director of the Studies Group on Biocracy
    Professor, Global Academy for Future Civilizations, Kyung Hee University
    Doctor of Politics, The New School University
  • Choe, Seonho Director of Thomas Berry Lecture Series
    Seoul Archdiocese of the Catholic Church, Eco-Catholic Committee
    Attorney at law, Seonhoe Choe Law Office
  • Kang, Chung Hae Director of Earth Jurisprudence Center
    Professor, University of Seoul Law School
  • Kim, Hong-Gee Director of Education Committee
    Professor, Biomedical Knowledge Engineering Laboratory, Seoul National University
  • Oh, Dongsuk Manager of Eco-culture Society
    Professor, Ajou University Law School
  • Park, Taehyun Director of Academic Society on Earth Jurisprudence
    Professor, School of Law, Kangwon National University
    Deputy Director of Environmental Law Center at Korean Federation for Environmental Movements
  • Song, Kiwon Director of Academic Society on Visions of Ecozoic Era
    Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, Yonsei University
    Ph. D. Cornell University, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
  • Choi, Jeongho Manager of Academic Society on Earth Jurisprudence
    Assistant Research Professor, Seoul National University
    Ph.D in Law
  • Jeon, Minjin Manager of Contents Planning
    Head of Contents Studio JUL
  • Jung, Hyejin Director, Earth Jurisprudence Center
    Attorney at Law
  • Kang, Young Duk Manager of Earth Eye
  • Kim, Junsoo Manager of the Studies Group on Biocracy
    Researcher, Center for Anthropocene Studies at KAIST
  • Kim, Ko-eun International Cooperation Manager
    Arirang TV Reporter & Program Auditor
    International Event MC
  • Kim, Younhwa Manager of Eco-culture Society
    Attorney at Law
  • Lee, Daehan Advisor
    Université de Lausanne Priemer Assistant
  • Yang, Hyelim Cooperation Manager
    Education Specialist in Program Designing and Managing
    M.Ed George Mason University
  • Yim, Heejung Cooperation Manager
    Founder, Namuproject Inc.
    MS. Sustainability, Earth Institute, Columbia University
  • Bosselmann, Klaus
    Special Advisor
    Professor of Environmental Law, The University of Auckland
    Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL) Ethics Specialist Group
  • Choi, Eunsoon Advisor
    LL.D. in Civil Law from Korea University
    Attorney at Law, Law Firm Dike
  • Jung, Gunna Advisor
    Professor, Hanshin University
    Ph.D in Economics, Seoul National University
    Director, EcoCiv Korea
  • Kim, Ik-Soo Advisor
    Chief Editing Officer, The Hwangyung Ilbo (Environment News)
    Advisory Member of Green Technology Center (GTC)
  • Korten, David Special Advisor
    Founder and President of the Living Economies Forum
    A notable member of the Club of Rome
    MBA and PhD at Stanford University Graduate School of Business
  • Lee, Kyoo Advisor
    Professor of Philosophy, City University of New York
    Senior Faculty Fellow, KIAS (Korea Institute for Advanced Studies), Korea
  • Lee, Sang-Mook Advisor
    Ph.D., Ocean Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MA, USA
    Associate and Assistant Professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University