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[People for Earth Participating the 1st Korea-US Ecological Civilization Conference]
  • 2019-01-12
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The 1st Korea-US conference under the theme of ‘Green Transition toward Ecological Civilization: A Korea-US Dialogue’ was held at the Graduate School of Claremont in California for three days from November 7th till 9th, 2017. 

Four representatives of People for Earth participated including Kumsil Kang, Executive Director; Ki-won Song, Gunna Jung, Mi-jung Im and Ji-yeon Park. Organized and hosted by Ecociv Korea of Center for Process Studies, scholars, experts and policy makers from the United States, South Korea, China and Japan who have sought alternatives to the industrial civilization gathered to come up with a new type of ecological civilization. 

Along with the People for Earth’s representatives, Wang Jin Seo of Seoul Institute, Father Jai-don Lee of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seoul, Jong-mok Kim of Kyunghyang Daily, Jiye Shin of Green Party Seoul, three representatives of SNU-HU Post-human Research Project also participated. From the US, John B. Cobb, Brian Swam, David Korten, Philip Clayton attended the conference as well as Zhihe Wang, Maijun Fan from China Project of The Center for Process Studies. 

A total of 34 sessions were presented in 8 sessions. The participants shared their opinions and thoughts on various aspects including vision and value of ecological civilization, interdisciplinary dialogue in theology and science as well as policy, urban transformation and education. People for Earth’s Executive Director, Kumsil Kang talked about the trends of Earth jurisprudence and its progress in Korea in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the theme of ‘Earth Jurisprudence – A New Paradigm of Law and Governance’. The document can be found in the link below.