Claremont Conference 2017 “Green Transition: Toward Ecological Civilization: A Korea-US Dialogue”
  • 2017-10-27
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People for Earth Forum members participate in Claremont Conference 2017 “Green Transition Toward Ecological Civilization: A Korea-US Dialogue


From 7th to 9th November 2017, an international ecological conference was held in Claremont Graduate University where leaders from Korea were invited for a transdisciplinary discussion with US leaders with regards to transition towards ecological civilization on a global scale. Hosted by the Center for Process Studies in Claremont School of Theology for a project on Korean ecological civilization, the conference aimed to bring innovative approaches to moving into the coming ecological era through critical analysis of the crisis, such as climate change, environmental pollution, and the economy trapped in low growth etc., that the global community has come to encounter. In particular, it was meaningful, for it is the first conference that gathers experts in various fields who have actively been seeking ways of shifting Korean social paradigm toward ecological civilization. Five members of People for Earth Forum will participate in the conference; Kumsil Kang, Executive Director, on Earth Jurisprudence; Kiwon Song, Director of Academic Society on Visions of Ecozoic Era, on Challenges of the New Biology to Ecological Civilization, Mijung Im, Head of Eco-Culture Society, on Arts and Ecology, Prof. Gunna Jung, and Jiyeon Park, Administration Officer of the Forum.


Host : Center for Process Studies in Claremont School of Theology

Date :  Tue 7th Nov – Thu 9th Nov 2017

Location : Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California, USA