Academic Society on Visions of Ecozoic Era

We are one of the countless number of species that exist on our planet. However, we have forgotten our position in the universe as one of the many lifeforms that flourish one small planet in the infinite universe. Our audacity and ignorance has placed Earth in danger, and we have forgotten our precious dream that is the co-existence of all lifeforms.
This leads to the question, what kind of existence should we lead?
That is the answer we are searching for.

The Academic Society on Visions of Ecozoic Era aims to place into perspective the origin of humanity and context of human existence, and to realize the Ecozoic Era in which the all lifeforms on Earth co-exist on the planet in harmony. It seeks alternatives for future society models and principles through integral approaches to science and humanities. Consisted of scholars of humanities, sociology and other various fields, it holds monthly book seminars and special lectures by experts from related fields.

Additional Information
[Special Lecture Series of Academic Society on Visions of Ecozoic Era 2018] by Chul Chun (April 30th)
  • 2018-12-04
  • 361

On April 30th 2018, a special lecture led by Professor Chul Chun of Hanshin University was held under the theme of Gregory Bateson’s “Steps to an Ecology of Mind (1972)” at the Music for One Foundation office in Gahoe-dong, Seoul. Professor Chun led the lecture to approximately 20 attendees about Bateson’s collected essay book “Steps to an Ecology of Mind” and a thinker Bateson who formed an important epistemological basis for system theory and communication research.

The basis of his new perception of human-human relationship and human-nature relationship has been re-explained in a wide range of disciplines, from psychology, biology, anthropology, cybernetics, communication theory and linguistics. The lecture was focused on ecology religion, epistemology, and religious studies among the vast expanses of Bateson’s ideas.