Earth Jurisprudence Center

The time has come for human civilization to realize that it can only sustain itself with harmonious interactions with nature and all the lifeforms that exist as a part of it. What we call “progress” will only have real value when we strive to put the whole of earth into the context.

Recognizing the current limitations of the human-centric modern law system, the Academic Society on Earth Jurisprudence pursues studies of Earth-centric laws and governance systems.
The academic society explores alternative thinking and systems in which not only people, but also nature has rights to exist together through various activities that include discussions, lecture series, publication of academic papers, and community programs.

* Academic Society on Earth Jurisprudence
Academic Society on Earth Jurisprudence conducts annual academic forums as well as seminars and publishes books with its academic achievements. Its current main members are law school professors who specialize environmental law and other lawyers who practice constitution, economic law and climate change law.

Additional Information
Reports of the Secretary-General on Harmony with Nature 2018
  • 2019-06-04
  • 59
On 23 April 2018, the General Assembly held its Eighth Interactive Dialogue on Harmony with Nature at United Nations Headquarters in commemoration of International Mother Earth Day. The theme of the dialogue was “Earth Jurisprudence in the Implementation of Sustainable Production and Consumption Patterns in Harmony with Nature”. The morning and afternoon panels included the participation of members of the Harmony with Nature Knowledge Network. The panel members were: Juliana Braz, Karen Brown, Roberto Caldas, Jorge Calderón, Method Gundidza, Kathryn Gwiazdon, Kirsti Luke, Laura Movilla Pateiro, Marsha Moutrie, Jorge Iván Palacio and Leah Temper. The moderator was Craig Kauffman. (Excerpted from the Report) For more information see below the Reports of the Secretary-General on Harmony with Nature 2018.