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Understanding the relationship between culture and climate
Overcoming the climate change crisis
Exploring alternative cultures and lifestyles for sustainability

Our society and customs are deeply related to our climate. Various climates on the planets has give birth to whole range of cultures and ways of life that are unique to the climate zones. That is why a change in the climate is a crisis that will inevitably affect every existence on Earth. Korea is a country that holds a critical position in the climate change agenda. It imports 97% of its energy sources and ranks seventh in greenhouse gas emission by country. While Korea faces an ecological crisis, it is also at a crossroad that can take a turn toward energy independence and opportunities for environmental progress. It is imperative that we seriously look into how the human race affects the climate and the environment and work together to overcome this crisis at hand. The Academic Society on Climate and Culture will do its part to research alternatives to achieve a sustainable society and incorporate such practices in all sectors of our society.

* The Climate Change Law Center
Established by members who in the legal profession, the Climate Change Law Center aims to raise awareness of climate change issues and bring about changes in laws and policies of Korea. It hosts regular workshops and talks, and releases publications to study climate change law cases around the world, assist with making informed decisions, and apply them to our society.

Additional Information
[Special Lecture Series of Climate and Culture Research Society 2019] Yoo-mi Lee (July 20)
  • 2019-08-09
  • 257

On July 20, a special lecture was given by You-Mi Lee, Director General of Korea National Arboretum (KNA). Ms. Lee said that even though there is a longing for the forest, grass and trees, not many of us live with it in our lives. Lee stated that ‘green life’ is refreshing and its life style is certainly inspiration and comfort while introducing the audience to the Arboretum step by step. 

Prior to her current position at KNA, Lee studied at Seoul National University earning her Ph.D in plant taxonomy. She has conducted a number of nationally needed research and written over 100 scholarly papers. She also gives special lectures as she believes the public’s understanding is necessary in preserving the Earth and nature.