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People for Earth hosts conferences for the purpose of introducing its annual activities and achievements and to share academic knowledge and opportunities.
People for Earth 2022 Ecozoic Culture Forum <ESG & Integral Ecology for Earth in Crisis> (Video and Compilation of Materials)
  • 2023-07-20
  • 201
Part 1. Are We Ecologically Sustainable?

Congratulatory Remarks
Sanghyup Kim (Presidential Commission for Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth)
Maria Mercedes Sanchez (Coordinator of the UN Harmony with Nature Programme)

Keynote Speech
Integral Ecology for a Flourishing Future - Mary Evelyn Tucker (Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar at Yale University)
Growth for Me? Or Wellbeing for All? - David Korten (Founder and President of the Living Economies Forum)

ESG: Roles and Goals of Corporations for This Era
Carbon Neutral Strategy of POSCO - Hee Kim (Carbon Neutral Strategy of POSCO)
RE100’s Status and Tasks in Korea - Youngtak Cho (Dept. of Economics, Hanbat National University)

Sustainable Earth Governance and Corporate Roles in Climate Change
Corporate Climate Responsibility in the Era of ESG - Siwon Park (Kangwon National University School of Law)
Responsibility in the Anthropocene - Peter Burdon (University of Adelaide)

Part 2. Searching for Life and Paradigm Shift

Life Philosophy of the New Climate Regime
Understanding Life from the perspective of Philosophy of Becoming - Bergson and Simondon - Suyoung Hwang (Dept. of Liberal Arts, Hongik University)
Anthropocene, Gaia, Ecopoiesis: Time, Space, and Object-Oriented Politics in the New Climate Regime - Seokhyun Choi (Program in History and Philosophy of Science College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University)

Life Security: A New Political Ecological Approach
A Politics of Scaling: Climate Change, Coal Phase-Out, and the Regional Self - Jonathan Everts (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg)
Sand Metropolitan: Environmental Fix Strategies of Developmental Urbanization and the Production of New Space/Nature Between two Koreas - Junsoo Kim (Center for Anthropocene Studies, KAIST)
Security in the Anthropocene - Simon Dalby (Wilfrid Laurier University)
New cold war and the limitations of climate security regime - Byongjin Ahn (Global Academy for Future Civilizations, Kyung Hee University)

IUGG Cooperation Session: An Approach through Academic Solidarity with International Community
Mid-Ocean Ridge and Planetary Renewal - Sangmook Lee (Seoul National University School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Extinction by 6 Degree and Hope with 2 Degree - Baekmin Kim (Dept. of Environmental Atmospheric Bukyong National University)

Part 3. Climate Change Colloquium
: International Solidarity and Changing the Value of the Climate Movement

Changing the Climate Movement’s Value to Respect for Humans and Nonhumans
Enhancing climate-energy justice in rural areas - Inhwan Ko (Department of Political Science, University of Washington, Seattle)
How green are our green spaces? Biodiversity loss driven by urban climate mitigation - Mingyu Sung (The Biodiversity Foundation)

Climate Justice and International Solidarityimate Justice and International Solidarity
Trapped in the Peninsula: How Climate Activism in South Korea Should Reach Out Internationally - Jihyuk Oh (Youth Climate Emergency Action)
everyONE in a sustainable world - Marlow Baines (Earth Guardians Youth Director)Climate Action Now: Movement Strategy and International Coordination - Jamie Minden (Zero Hour, Co-Founder of Sunrise Silicon Valley)