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2023 International Conference on Earth Jurisprudence: Earth Jurisprudence, More than Human_Part 3. More than Human: Iinterdisciplinary Research Trends and Visions
  • 2023-12-20
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International Conference on Earth Jurisprudence 2023 “Earth Jurisprudence, More than Human”
- Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Sun Pro Bono Center


DAY 1. Earth Jurisprudence, More than Human


Part 3. More than Human: Iinterdisciplinary Research Trends and Visions
: We will discuss recent research trends that extend the perception of more than human in various academic disciplines. By reviewing the studies in geography and law through the agency of more than human, we can better comprehend the interconnectedness of beings on Earth.




Moderator: Wang-Bae Kim (Professor, Yonsei University)


More than Human Geography - Jin-tae Hwang (Assistant Professor, Dongguk University)

More than Human Law -Giulia Sajeva (Researcher at the University of Palermo)

[Panel Discussion]


Junsoo Kim (Researcher, Center for Anthropocene Studies, KAIST)
Gunoo Kim (Associate Professor, GIST)