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PLZ Forum for Ecozoic Era 2019_Pre-session (September 19, 2019)
  • 2019-10-25
  • 717
〈Highlight of the Pre-session〉

This year's PLZ Forum for Ecozoic Era centered on challenges and responses to the acknowledged climate crisis and provided a platform for academic discussions of post-transition systems of governance and alternative ways of living, which existing legal systems have not covered. Before the forum began, a pre-forum session was held at Yujae, People for Earth's office in Seoul, on Thursday, September 19. Maria Sanchez, coordinator of the UN Harmony with Nature Programme, was invited to be the main speaker at the event, which was entitled "Dialogue on Earth Jurisprudence." 

In the Pre-session Maria Sanchez and members of Earth Jurisprudence Center introduced the activities and gave a dialogue on the current situation, prospects, and cooperation plans domestic and international. After the session, there was a welcome dinner reception under the theme of "Less bu Better" by Seoul Gourmet.

〈Full-video of Pre-session〉