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JeongSeon Forum 2021_the Earth Session: Earth Together
  • 2021-11-03
  • 626

People for Earth hosted the Earth Session 〈Earth Together〉 at the JeongSeon Forum 2021 held under the theme of ‘Our Life in a Sustainable Environment’ at the High1 Grand Hotel Convention Tower in Jeongseon from August 19 to 21. In the Earth Session "Earth Together", discussions were focused on how addressing Earth Jurisprudence, the rights of rivers (nature) or ecological priority management may change Earth's present and future. It was also emphasized that Earth Jurisprudence was proposed as a theory to bring about the transition in law and governance since the current environmental law is anthropocentric and has limitations in halting the destruction of Earth’s nature. The discussions were all the more meaningful with Manjeri Subin Sunder Raj (attorney at law) explaining the meaning of Earth Jurisprudence to Indian environmental law, Kyoung-ae Jo (attorney at law) discussing the "rights of rivers“, and Gloria Hyean-kyung Choi (Vice President of Amaranth Cosmetics) presenting the current management changes in the cosmetics industry toward ecological priority.