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Co-hosting the First Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum
  • 2019-07-25
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People for Earth and the Sun Probono Center co-hosted the first Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum at Space Noah near Seoul City Hall on February 18, 2019. The Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum aims to educate students on climate change and gain essential knowledge related to litigation now that a group of young people has chosen the legal route as a means of response to the current crisis. The first part of the forum was led by Woo-seok Kong, a geography professor from Kyung Hee University, under the theme of “Why Climate Change is a Problem,” and gave the participants a chance to study various aspects of climate change and reflect on their responsibilities. Siwon Park, a professor from the Kangwon National University School of Law, led the second part of the forum by introducing examples of climate litigation from other countries for the participants to use to inform their own litigation. Further forum events will be held in April, June, and October, 2019.