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Co-hosting the Second Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum
  • 2019-07-25
  • 571
The second Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum was held at the offices of YWCA Korea on April 6. It was hosted by People for Earth and the Sun Probono Center, and organized by the Youth Climate Change Litigation Support Group. The forum, which focused on domestic environmental litigation, featured a presentation by Ji-hyung Shin, a lawyer from the Green Law Center, titled “Examples of Domestic Environmental Litigation” and a talk by Won-kyu Kim, a lawyer from the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, titled “Climate Change and Human Rights.” 

In addition, the litigation team of the Urgenda Environmental Group from the Netherlands visited and talked with the participants. The Urgenda case is the first instance in Europe of a successful legal case having been brought against the government over its responsibility for climate change. In the forum, the two lawyers who won this case, Dannis Van Berkel and Tessa Khan, talked about the preparation process and the content of the case in detail. 

After a comprehensive debate with the participants, the forum was concluded with the promise of a strong commitment to actively support and assist the Youth Climate Change Litigation group.