Yujae Special
‘YUJAE SPECIAL’ is a new special lecture series organized by People for Earth scheduled
on an occasional basis.
Previous Lectures
[Third Yujae Special Lecture] by Dr. Dennis O’Hara (June 3, 2019)
  • 2019-07-23
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The Lecture 
The third Yujae Special Lecture, co-organized by the Kyung Hee University Global Academy for Future Civilizations and the Thomas Berry Association of Korea, was held on June 3. The title was “Thomas Berry and the Encyclical of Pope Francis Laudato Si” (English: Praise Be to You), and the lecture was given by Dr. Dennis O’Hara, professor at the University of Toronto who was one of Thomas Berry’s students. During the lecture, Dr. O’Hara talked about how Thomas Berry’s thoughts influenced the foundation of Laudato Si, which was officially published on May 24, 2015, as well as which content should be added for the next encyclical.

The Lecturer: Dennis O’Hara
Dr. Dennis O’Hara, professor at the University of Toronto, is one of Thomas Berry’s students. People for Earth’s founding was influenced by Thomas Berry and they have applied his thoughts since then. Dr. O’Hara is a Thomas Berry expert, philosopher and natural remedy therapist and has lectured about Christian ethics, ecological theology and ethics, environment and health at a number of universities in Canada since 2002. He is a professor of ethics theology at the University of Toronto and this is his second visit of South Korea. He gave a number of lectures in his first visit in 2013 about Thomas Berry’s ecological thoughts. 

The manuscript of the lecture and Power Point Presentation are also available in the link below in Korean.