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People for Earth creates cultural and artistic endeavors to actualize an ecological lifestyle. Through encounters and expressions in diverse art forms such as theater, poetry, music, cinema, dance, and design, we hope to reawaken our life sensibility and embody the original form of life. Art for Earth offers a chance to re-evaluate the relationship between humans and the earth through a new type of narrative and redefines and creates ecological art through a variety of art creation initiatives.

Wonyeon Jung Solo Exhibition <Look>
  • 2024-01-15
  • 121

Wonyeon Jung's solo exhibition 'Look' 


After reading Thomas Berry’s books in People for Earth, the visual artist Wonyeon Jung opened her eyes to the "Creative Spontaneity of Earth" and used this perspective to explore the wilderness in cities in 2023. The exhibition featured two series of drawings: seeds coming to urban dwellers and bugs coming from other countries. It also featured a board game addressed by birds, used to organize the ecosystems in the urban areas. A set of paintings of what the artist witnessed in an artificial wetland were also demonstrated during the exhibition. 



Date: 13-20 December 2023, 11:00-18:00

Venue: Earth and People (1F, 66, Hoenamae-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)


Sponsored by: People for Earth 

Visual Design: Hewon Jung

Installation: Jaehong Cho

*Photo by Sungjae Kim