[Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series 2019] “A-Z Everything about Earth Jurisprudence”
  • 2019-03-19
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People for Earth has been conducting the Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series for the past 4 years to introduce Earth jurisprudence in the nation and to educate legal professionals and law school students who play an important role in a paradigm shift of the governance system. Between the months of April and May 2019, People for Earth conducts a new lecture series under the theme of “A-Z Everything about Earth Jurisprudence”. The contents of the lectures are to reflect how the planet has influenced by climate change such as air pollution and plastic trash in the ocean. The all 4 sessions of the lectures are for 2 hours each and their topics are; Origins of Earth Jurisprudence & Constitution and Economic law in Earth Jurisprudence’s Perspective; Earth Jurisprudence around the World; Significance & Direction of Earth Jurisprudence. Should you be interested in the lecture series, please contact Attorney at Law Ga-young Jeon at +82 (0)2 3019 5451 or 

The poster below contains more information about the series in Korean and see below the poster for the summary of it in English.  

Background: In order for human beings and the Earth to survive in this environment crisis, a paradigm shift in world view and governance is necessary. Earth jurisprudence seeks to expand our world view and governance from anthropocentric to Earth-centric. 

Series Overview: 
1. Venue: YUJAE (People for Earth’s office in Seoul) 
2. Time: 19:00 ~ 21:00  
3.  Dates: April 8, April 15, May 13, and May 20
4. Lectures: 
      a. 1st Lecture 
April 8 
Why Earth Jurisprudence – Seeking its Philosophical Origins 
Tae-hyun Park, Kangwon National University School of Law   

     b. 2nd Lecture
April 15
The Application of Earth Jurisprudence’s Perspective in Constitution and Economic Law
Dongsuk Oh, Ajou University School of Law & Chung Hae Kang, University of Seoul School of Law 

     c. 3rd Lecture
May 13
Earth Jurisprudence in Practice around the World 
Hyejin Jung (Attorney at Law) & Sangmi Cho (Attorney at Law; NY)

     d.4th Lecture 
May 20 
Significance & Direction of Earth Jurisprudence 
Kumsil Kang (Attorney at Law) & Seon-Ho Choe (Attorney at Law)