People For Earth

In Pursuit of an Echoic Culture
  • Academic Society on Visions of Ecozoic Era The Academic Society on
    Visions of Ecozoic
    Era aims to place into perspective
    the origin of humanity and
    context of human existence Read more
  • Earth Jurisprudence Center The academic society explores
    alternative thinking and systems
    in which not only people,
    but also nature has rights
    to exist together Read more
  • Academic Society on Climate and Culture The Academic Society on Climate
    and Culture aims to attain
    a better understanding of the
    relationship between our culture
    and the climate change. Read more
  • Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series Four times of lecture series in partnership with the Pro Bono Center of One Law Partners and accredited by the Korean Bar Association (KBA) Read more
  • Thomas Berry Legacy Lecture Series The aim of the lecture series is to gain an understanding of human civilization, to find new directions for environmental recovery, and to realize a new era of Ecozoic culture Read more
  • Culture of Life Society Culture of Life Society aims to provide cultural experiences for the celebration of life by all and members hold cultural events on various interests and fields. Read more