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Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series

The ‘Earth Jurisprudence’ (EJ) Lecture Series, introducing Earth Jurisprudence in Korea, is aimed at finding solutions to resolve the harmful consequences, which come from the current human-centered industrialization, and to implement an environment favorable to research and the fostering of new abilities. Since 2015, lecture series has been held four times a year in partnership with the Pro Bono Center of One Law Partners. This lecture series constitutes a training program for judicial officers, lawyers and law-students, and is accredited by the Korean Bar Association (KBA) and responsible for playing important roles in transforming governance-systems.

2021 EJ Lecture 1. The Geologic Time and the Dilemma of the Law
  • 2023-08-23
  • 138

The Earth Jurisprudence lecture series 2021 was held on Mondays from June 7~28 from 7PM via Zoom. Due to the COVID-19, the lectures were held online this year as it was last year. Participants were not only in Korea but also abroad. Some international participants who had to log in early in the morning did not seem to mind such time. This shows how the interest in Earth Jurisprudence has increased after the pandemic and the discussion scope has progressed. 

The first lecture with the title “The Geologic Time and the Dilemma of the Law”, was about the COVID-19 and the climate crisis; the Anthropocene in which humans are currently living in (a time when humans changed the planet, not a time when humans flourished); planetary boundaries tipping points (by J Rockström; 2009); and the worldview of modern law. 

〈Picutre 1〉 'Planetary Boundaries tipping points'
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