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Earth Jurisprudence Lecture Series

The ‘Earth Jurisprudence’ (EJ) Lecture Series, introducing Earth Jurisprudence in Korea, is aimed at finding solutions to resolve the harmful consequences, which come from the current human-centered industrialization, and to implement an environment favorable to research and the fostering of new abilities. Since 2015, lecture series has been held four times a year in partnership with the Pro Bono Center of One Law Partners. This lecture series constitutes a training program for judicial officers, lawyers and law-students, and is accredited by the Korean Bar Association (KBA) and responsible for playing important roles in transforming governance-systems.

2023 EJ Lecture 2. Earth Jurisprudence Judgments in North America and Other Regions
  • 2023-08-23
  • 131

Sun-Hee Kim, a former senior researcher at the Constitutional Research Institute, delivered Lecture 2 of the 2023 Earth Jurisprudence Lecture with the topic "Earth Jurisprudence Judgments in North America and Other Regions".

I. Significance and Development of Rights of Nature

Earth Jurisprudence and Rights of Nature; Rights of Nature, a subcategory of Earth Jurisprudence

The concept and history of Rights of Nature
contnets of the Rights of Nature


II. International discussion of the Rights of Nature


UN: 1982 United Nations Charter for Nature

European Union: EU Charter of Fundamental Rights of Nature and its three guiding principles

Bolivia: 2010 Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth
the International Union for the Conservation of Nature

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN)
Earth Law Center
Oslo Manifesto


III. Protecting Rights of Nature through positive law

New Zealand: Te Urewera Act (2014) and Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River Claims Settlement) Act (2017)

Uganda: Environmental Law (2019)

Australia: The Yarra River Protection (Wilip-gin Birrarung murron) Act (2017)

Canada: Legal Entity Recognition Resolution for the Magpie River

United States of America: Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Florida, Native American Tribal Nations


IV. Guaranteeing the Rights of Nature through legal decisions

India: Judgment of the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers and Himalayan Glaciers

Bangladesh: Judgment on the Turag River

Pakistan: Supreme Court decision on environmentally fragile zones, "Negative Areas" (2021)


V. Evaluation and Recapitulation


VI. Q & A