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“Climate Change Litigation: A Review through Overseas Cases” Supported by People for Earth
  • 2019-07-28
  • 669

The joint academic conference “Climate Change Litigation: A Review of Overseas Cases” was held on June 21, 2019 at Yujae. Organized by Sun Probono Center and the Kangwon National University Institute of Comparative Legal Studies and held in the context of the recent global trend toward climate change lawsuits, the conference was put together in order to support those in Korea who are seeking legal countermeasures against climate change. Opened by Yoo-jeong Lee, a board member of Sun Probono Center, the conference consisted of two sessions of presentations and discussions. The presentations included Climate Change Constitutional Challenges (Siwon Park, Kangwon National University, School of Law); Climate Change Administrative Planning and Licensing Litigation (Tae-hyun Park, Kangwon National University, School of Law); Lawsuits for Damage Compensation (Shin-young Joo, attorney at law); and Corporate Law, Fraud and Consumer Protection Law Litigation (Young-joo Lee, attorney at law). These were followed by discussions with Dong-seok Oh (Inha University, School of Law), Taeho Kim (Seoul National University, School of Law), Jihyung Shin (attorney at law) and Soyoung Lee (attorney at law) in which various opinions were shared. Going forward, we plan to further the debate on climate change issues with conferences such as this.

〈News Article〉
[Law Times] "The Government Has an Obligation to Aggressively Respond to Climate Change" (in Korean)