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World Knowledge Forum 2021_Vision for Earth, Future for Us
  • 2021-11-03
  • 636

People for Earth hosted "Vision for Earth, Future for Us" session in the World Knowledge Forum on September 15. Currently, the world must break through the great challenge of the climate crisis, while there is also a possibility of advancing into an era of true humanism that integrates economy and value. Amid many discussions on the recent economic turnaround in Korean society and around the world, it was a meaningful dialogue to seek reflection and vision to overcome this era of crisis and open a new era of human communities. In particular, Mary Evelyn Tucker (Yale University Forum on Religion and Ecology, Co-Director), Kiwon Song (People for Earth, Co-Chairperson), and Karenna Gore(Center for Earth Ethics(CEE), Founder and Executive Director) participated in the session and predicted an era of transformation in which coexistence with the Earth is inevitable, and discourse was conducted on the new community, ethics, and the value of life required of us.