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2022 International Conference: Earth Jurisprudence and Latin American's Rights of Nature
  • 2022-03-22
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On February 14, 2022 International Conference 〈Earth Jurisprudence and Latin American's Rights of Nature〉 hosted by the Institute of Latin American Studies HK+ at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies was held. People for Earth participated in the conference with a keynote speech by Kang Kumsil, and planned and conducted a session on Earth Jurisprudence.

Kang Kumsil talked about the task of paradigm shift after COVID-19 and she emphasized that we must open our future in a direction in which all living things on Earth can coexist. She also suggested that the discussion of binding global governance is necessary to overcome the crisis facing the world and move toward a global community. She said, in the age of advanced science and technology, we should make a choice so that all living communities on earth can live together in the dilemma, and draw a better vision as a mature human being.

The Earth Jurisprudence session was conducted by the chairperson, Attorney Jung Hyejin. The four presenters continued their presentations on the following topics, Dissemination of Earth Jurisprudence in Korea by Kang Chung Hae(University of Seoul Law School), Earth Jurisprudence as solidarity of resistance(rights) by Oh Dongsuk (Ajou University Law School), and Animals are not Objects - Civil Code Amendments in Korea by Choi Jeongho (Assistant Research Professor, Big Data Innovation Sharing University Project from Seoul National University), and Interpreting vivir bien and earth jurisprudence in East Asian context by Attorney Kim YoungJun.



Earth Jurisprudence and Latin American's Rights of Nature (Session 'People For Earth')