People For Earth

People for Earth conducts diverse academic and cultural projects that reflect the lives of the global community.

  • Ecology Forum at the Yeonsu Book Festival On May 25, 2019, at Haedoji (“Sunrise”) Park in Songdo, Incheon, People for Earth hosted the Ecology Forum as part of the two-day Yeonsu Book Festival. The festival, being held on May 25 and 26 under the theme “Painting the World Green Together,” was... 2019/07/25
  • Co-hosting the Second Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum The second Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum was held at the offices of YWCA Korea on April 6. It was hosted by People for Earth and the Sun Probono Center, and organized by the Youth Climate Change Litigation Support Group. The forum, which focu... 2019/07/25
  • Co-hosting Animal Welfare Seminar On February 25, 2019, along with Representative Jeong-mi Lee, a member of the National Assembly and the leader of the Justice Party, as well as the Sun Pro Bono Center, People for Earth held a seminar on animal welfare at the National Assembly. The s... 2019/07/25
  • Co-hosting the First Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum People for Earth and the Sun Probono Center co-hosted the first Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum at Space Noah near Seoul City Hall on February 18, 2019. The Youth Climate Change Litigation Forum aims to educate students on climate change and ga... 2019/07/25
  • Co-hosting Seoul Gourmet Forum 2018 “Feeding the Planet” People for Earth co-hosted Seoul Gourmet Forum with the title of “Feeding the Planet” on November 9 along with the Seoul Gourmet Organizing Committee. The Seoul Gourmet “Feeding the Planet” was to promote a future dining table that saves the planet. ... 2019/07/24
  • Ecological Welfare Project for Young Adult Innovators Today the debate on environment and welfare is becoming a global issue for example, the United Nations set the goal of sustainable development in 2015 that will integrate the environment, society and economy for the next 15 years. Ecological Welfare ... 2019/05/29
  • People for Earth Participating the 1st Korea-US Ecological Civilization Conference The 1st Korea-US conference under the theme of ‘Green Transition toward Ecological Civilization: A Korea-US Dialogue’ was held at the Graduate School of Claremont in California for three days from November 7th till 9th, 2017. Four representatives of ... 2019/01/12
  • Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization Organized by the Center for Process Studies, Uniting the Tenth International Whitehead Conference and Ninth International Conference on Ecological Civilization with 1,000 presenters in more than 80 fields was held for four days from June 4, 2015 at P... 2019/01/08
  • Geneva Forum’s International Annual Conference 2016 Attorney Young-joon Kim, a member of People for Earth attended the Geneva Forum’s ( International Annual Conference 2016 ‘Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development’. This conference was held on December 15... 2019/01/08
  • Attending the 6th Interactive Dialogue of the General Assembly on Harmony with Nature 2016 On December 24, 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 70/208 (A/RES/70/208). It’s the seventh resolution adopted by the General Assembly during its 70th session regarding Harmony with Nature. The Resolution calls for the UN Secretary Gener... 2019/01/08